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Helping local schools during COVID

Why do we need a local period products bank?

A local public school Counselor contacted Basic Necessities last week.

She was using her own money to purchase period products for students at her school.


The school was using all available funding to provide computers and supplies for virtual-learning students due to COVID. There was no money left to purchase period supplies for in-person students who got their periods while at school.

To make matters worse, many students were experiencing their very first menstrual cycle & were completely unprepared without their own pads & tampons.

Basic Necessities delivered a giant bag of 2,284 pads to the School Counselor yesterday - and the students can count on us to bring more as long as they need them!

COVID has affected many local families, small businesses, and our schools.

Thanks to your support, Basic Necessities helps ease their financial burden every day by providing diapers, period products & incontinence supplies - none of which can be purchased with WIC, SNAP, or Medicaid!

Donate today!


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The diaper bank is closed today and Monday. We are getting unpacked, moved in, and taking a little rest. See you all on Tuesday, July 5, when we open our new office!

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