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Basic Necessities selected for national economic study

Basic Necessities diaper bank is participating in a national study to measure the economic and health impacts of providing diapers to families, according to the National Diaper Bank Network.

Around the country, many families are concerned about accessing diapers for a variety of reasons. But for one in three families, diaper need resulting from low-income is an everyday occurrence. More than 250 diaper banks around the country work to fill that gap.

“We know that diapers change lives. This study will help us prove it and provide our funders with more details about this need,” said Debbie Hollis, Co-Director at Basic Necessities. “Most ArkLaTex childcare providers require parents to provide diapers. No diapers means no childcare, and that keeps parents out of work, school and other essential activities. By working with a team of economists, we’ll be able to quantify the impact of free diapers.”

The Economic Impact Study is being conducted by the National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN). Basic Necessities is a member of NDBN, a group of diaper banks that meet high standards of transparency, efficiency, and community responsiveness.

“We’re grateful to have Basic Necessities as part of the Economic Impact Study,” said NDBN CEO Joanne Goldblum. “Some of the best diaper banks from coast to coast are part of this work. We know that many assumptions get made about the people we serve. This is a chance for families experiencing diaper need to have their voices heard.”

One in three U.S. families cannot afford an adequate supply of diapers to keep their children clean, dry, and healthy. A smaller pilot study showed that families that received free diapers from a diaper bank gained in income, and that their children had diaper rash less often and required fewer sick visits to the pediatrician.

Basic Necessities works with partner agencies and community volunteers to reach families. The surveys for the national economic study are being administered by volunteer Ilsa Plaisance, who commutes three days each week to the Shreveport diaper bank from Longwood, Louisiana.

“This study - like all our work - would not be possible without our dedicated volunteers,” said Pamela Rowell, Co-Director of the diaper bank. “We are also grateful to be working in partnership with nearly 40 community outreach organizations throughout the ArkLaTex region. We are all are focused on serving families’ immediate needs and dedicating our time to understanding the root causes of poverty.”

The results of the national study will be published after all surveys are completed and analyzed.


Basic Necessities provides diapers, period products, and incontinence supplies at no cost to people who are experiencing economic challenges in the ArkLaTex. If you would like to donate to the diaper bank, or if you need assistance with diapers, period products, or incontinence supplies, please visit our website at

The National Diaper Bank Network (NDBN) leads a nationwide movement dedicated to helping individuals, children and families access the basic necessities they require to thrive and reach their full potential, including clean, dry diapers, period supplies and other basic needs. Launched in 2011 with the support of founding sponsor Huggies®, NDBN is dedicated to creating awareness, providing assistance, and building community to #EndDiaperNeed in the US. Website:


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