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2020 Annual Report: Our Startup Year

During Basic Necessities' first seven months of operation (June 2020 - December 2020), we served 132 families and 172 children.

We distributed 16,554 diapers, 5,839 pads/tampons/menstrual cups, and 368 incontinence products.

We are also providing menstrual supplies to two low-income Title I public schools, and incontinence supplies to one homeless outreach center. We do not have final numbers yet on how many people have been served by these three large product donations.

We received donated supplies from two product drives, and raised nearly $17,000.00 in corporate grants & private donations during this same time period.

Our goals for 2021 include:

• Finalizing the process of becoming the only nationally-recognized dedicated diaper & period products bank in the ArkLaTex

• Reducing the economic burden for low-income people by providing essential non-food items at no cost to them

• Partnering with community-based organizations to identify & serve TWICE AS MANY people in need in 2021

• Engaging community volunteers in hosting additional supply drives, delivering supplies, and providing supportive administrative services

• Creating sustainable funding partnerships with people in the business community, national diaper banks/period supply organizations, charitable foundations, and individual donors

Of note: Our membership in the Alliance for Period Supplies has been approved, and we have begun receiving low/no-cost menstrual supplies from Our membership application with the National Diaper Bank Network has been submitted and is pending approval.


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